Gen Foot Spa offers foot reflexology massages. Foot reflexology massages are widely popular in Eastern cultures for thousands of years due to the health benefits of enhancing the body’s own healing process. Foot reflexology massage is an enjoyable and beneficial activity for all ages. All services are done in one open shared communal room.

  • Massage Services:

  • 1 Hour Foot Massage

  • 1 Hour Combo Foot & Back Massage

  • 1 Hour Back Massage

  • 90 Min Combo Foot & Back Massage

  • Add Hot Stone Or Essential Oil

  • Gift Certificate & Prepaid Saving Packages


Watch a video link from Massage Bliss on Facebook about the benefits of foot massages:

Relaxation and Stress Relief

Better Sleep

Decreased Feelings of Anxiety

Improved Circulation

Natural Pain Relief

Foot Massage Benefits

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Disclaimer:  If you’re pregnant, prior to service, please inform our staff. Please consult your physician to check if foot massage is appropriative for you. All of Gen Foot Spa’s services are for relaxation and enjoyment purposes only, not for medical treatment purpose, nor as to any medical claims.